About The Book


Untangling Future Memories is a sci-fi story set in 2032. Jack, a young adult, lost his short-term memory because of an accident at age thirteen. Cody Jaeckel, director of the Ultragenetic Institute, devises a grand design for uploading Jack’s mind—he is genetically endowed with remarkable innate intelligence—and downloading it to a host of citizens for work in factories, corporations, services, hospitals, schools, and homes.


Dr. Jaeckel believes the recipients of Jack’s mind will prove supremely qualified for relatively simple, repetitive labor, thus providing an income for citizens who lost their jobs because of downsizing, cheap labor abroad, and robots. Jack, however, undergoes a self-healing process that puts a strain on Dr. Jaeckel’s project. Complexities arise, ambiguities and paradoxical issues abound, leaving Dr. Jaeckel, Jack, and the institute’s investors in a bind, which leads to a bizarre turn of events.


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