About The Author


Floyd Merrell is a retired professor of Latin American Studies from Purdue University. He was fortunate enough to write 32 professional books and over two hundred articles. After retirement, he still had a hankering to write. Following extensive deliberation, he opted to give fiction a try. His works include “Finding Himself” (coming of age), “Looking Glass Killer” (a psychopathic mind), “The Dilemma” (perplexing ethnic interrelations), and “Enigmas” (searching for gold in the Sierra Madre of Mexico, space-time warps, and strange aliens). Each novel bears a new theme, from personal self-consciousness becoming, to puzzling psycho-socio-cultural conundrums, to ethnic identity puzzles and paradoxes, to scientific facts and fictions. He now resides with his wife, Araceli, in Las Cruces, New Mexico.