Untangling Future Memories



Cyber-surgeons at the Ultragenetic Institute think they know Jack’s condition to the letter. They got word of his rare brain disorder, visited the Copper Country Hospital, checked his records, and claimed they had a remedy for what to a selected set of appearances is a bizarre case of short-term memory deficiency. The hospital released him to the institute. The following day, he escaped.


The institute’s ambitious project entails running a series of tests on Jack. If he qualifies, they will download the content of his mind to a computer and upload it to a handpicked group of jobless welfare dependent individuals, converting them into optimal candidates for repetitive assembly-line work, grunt labor, and general service employment. The assumption has it that the recipients of Jack’s mind will become a community of compliant workers in schools, factories, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, farms, food processing plants, government bureaucracies, and such. Will it work?


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